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Family Devotions for Holy Week

I can’t believe it’s already Holy Week again. My first blog post on Shepherd My Child was “Holy Week Family Devotions” this time last year. Crazy that a year has already gone by – I’ve learned so much from all

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Holidays: Take Them Down a Notch or Take Them Back?

I’ve seen an article circulating on Facebook that got me thinking. For some background, you probably need to read the article: Let’s Bring the Holidays Down a Notch Article The author makes some pretty valid points. I completely understand her

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The Velveteen Rabbit, the Runaway Bunny, and the Gospel

This week has been a “blah” week for me. The kind of week where you feel like you are not doing well at anything, where you have a bad attitude for no reason which in turn makes you feel worse

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Teaching Young Ones about St. Patrick’s Day

I ran across a book a month or so ago called “The Story of St. Patrick’s Day” which gives a great first introduction into the Christian origins of the holiday: One thing that the book touches upon is how St.

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My “Birthday” Challenge

Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me, A Month from Today I’ll be 33…. Want to make my birthday extra special this year? I’m offering a pretty easy challenge to each of you to see if you want to

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Grapevine Studies – “The Resurrection” Traceable

I am so excited about a new product I have been using with Shaan this past week to prepare his young heart and mind for Easter – “The Resurrection” traceable by Grapevine Studies. Shaan is 3 years old, and this

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