God’s Wisdom for Little Boys: Character-Building Fun from Proverbs

I have found a GREAT little book for boys:

Each page starts with “God’s Little Boy Is….” and then includes a character trait. Some examples include “Helpful, Giving, Wise, Friendly, Hard Working, Obedient,” etc. Each page then has a rhyme relating to the character trait, and then the appropriate Bible verse from Proverbs. Here are two examples from the book:

“God’s Little Boy Is Cheerful” – It’s good to “make a joyful noise,” Even when made on one of your toys. A song from your heart helps those who are sad; It brings a smile and makes them feel glad. “A happy heart is like good medicine.” – Proverbs 17:22 (illustration is of two little boys playing instruments – drum and trumpet)

“God’s Little Boy is Thrifty” – “A penny saved is a penny earned,” This is a fact that should be learned. Saving your pennies helps with your needs And gives you extra from many kind deeds. “Money that comes easily disappears quickly. But money that is gathered little by little will slowly grow.” – Proverbs 13:11 (illustration is of a boy playing with coins and a piggy bank)

The illustrations are so beautiful, yet “boyish” and the messages are so wise. My son has really enjoyed this book. If you don’t have little boys, I believe there is a counterpart for little girls called “God’s Little Wisdom for Little Girls” that focuses on Proverbs 31. If it is anything at all like the version for boys, I’m sure it is wonderful.

I really recommend you looking into these books if you have little ones.

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