20% Discount on Grapevine Studies products

I wanted to remind everyone that the discount code Dianna offered on Grapevine Studies products as part of her “May”keover Month post is still valid through 6/30. If you have not already taken advantage of this great offer, it will provide you a 20% discount off any Grapevine Studies products that are not already discounted. Visit www.grapevinestudies.com and use code MayKing at checkout. Additionally, Dianna was gracious enough to offer a free E-lesson to Shepherd My Child readers as well. If you have not already downloaded the free E-lesson, you can find it included in her “May”keover Month post from last month:

“May”king the Most of Your Teachable Moments: by Dianna Wiebe

Make sure you take advantage of this 20% discount on her amazing products before the coupon expires:

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