“When You Were Born” book

I love it when Shaan and I come across great finds at our local library. We read the sweetest book this week titled, “When You Were Born” by Dianna Hutts Aston:

From the first page of the book:

“When you were born you came quietly, and with eyes deep as an ocean you looked at me, and I looked at you and I thought to myself, I know you! And my heart heard you say I know you! In that moment I knew you were a gift from God and that I would love you forever.”

Each page of the book presents a different family member or friend expressing their love for the newborn baby (i.e. the daddy, the grandmother,  the grandfather, the uncle, the baby brother, the dog, the neighborhood mothers, and the neighborhood children).

It’s a very precious book to enjoy with your child or considering giving someone as a baby gift.

Here’s how the book concludes:

“When you were born the world hummed its everyday tune of footsteps and voices, engines and bells, but here in our home, our souls sang with joy. Prayers of thanksgiving for you, our child, flowed from deep inside us, like water from a spring. We asked the angels to watch over you all the days of your life, and they listened, as angels always do.”

So sweet! :)



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