A Christian Perspective on Attachment Parenting

A friend of mine texted me a really interesting article titled, “Attachment Parenting: A Christian Perspective.” While I do believe God gives us grace in our parenting styles and that there is not “one size fits all” to Christian parenting (so no reason to feel guilty if you do not follow attachment parenting!), I did enjoy the information in the article and thought that the “three truths” section that discusses God’s character, God’s design, and Christian instruction was very beneficial for any parent to read. Again, the purpose of me sharing this article is not to condemn anyone’s parenting style, but rather to encourage you with some information about God’s character and design and how we can incorporate it into our parenting style. Even I myself would not fit my parenting style into a stereotype (attachment or otherwise) – it’s just how the Holy Spirit guides me from day to day – gleaning all I can from the Scriptures, experience, prayer, articles, etc.

Anyways, here is the link to the article (I hope some of the information helps and encourages you):

Attachment Parenting: A Christian Perspective

God Bless!


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