This is how we start our day (a poem for little ones)

When Shaan was around 2 years old, I start reciting a poem to help him with potty training –

“This is how we start our day, the first thing that we do is pray

The next thing is we go potty…”

As he’s grown, I’ve added things to the poem and today I realized we’ve got a pretty lengthy and helpful little poem for children, so I thought I’d share it:

“This is how we start our day, the first thing that we do is pray

The next thing is we go potty, and then we go and brush our teeth.

Now it’s time to make our bed and put some Scriptures in our head.

Give mom a hug, give dad a kiss – now we’re off to eat breakfast.

We give God thanks before we eat. Eat all our food while in our seat.

With tummies full, we’re on our way, Lord help us serve you all this day.”

I’ve found that this poem has really helped Shaan take ownership and responsibility of things in the morning (i.e. going potty by himself, brushing his teeth, helping me make his bed, etc.) I’ve also incorporated little reminders for him in it (i.e. “Eat all our food while in our seat” – we have a wiggle worm who doesn’t want to sit still a lot of times!!!) It’s also been helpful for me in figuring out ways to set eternity in his heart while we’re rushing around on busy mornings. You better believe that if I forget to pray with him first thing in the morning that this little guy reminds me because I am not following the routine!

Of course, we aren’t able to do all of these every day, but I am finding that more often than not I am now remembering this little poem and setting aside time to follow this routine since the rhymes are stuck in my head. Habits (good or bad!) are pretty easy to form after a short length of time. Maybe this little morning poem and routine will become a habit for your family too!

As for the Scriptures that we put in our head in the mornings, I have been using the SMC “God Made Me” cards. I am amazed at how well Shaan has done memorizing these cards. He’s almost gotten the first half of the verses in the set memorized (he just turned 4). If you are interested in checking out these cards, you can find them at our Etsy store:

Shepherd My Child Etsy Store

Happy Saturday!


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