Family Devotion Ideas for the Harvest Season

I love fall. It is hands down my favorite season. Cooler weather, football games, soups, fires, and…apple orchards and pumpkin patches! It’s harvest season!

Harvest season is such a wonderful time – particularly if you have the luxury of living near some farms where you can take children to pick their own apples or select their own pumpkins. There is just something so magical about being able to visit the source of the wonderful bounty from the autumn harvest season.

This fall, our family is focusing on the “fruit of the spirit.” It’s a perfect pairing with the harvest season, and we are using several different resources that I would like to recommend:

1. “Fruit of the Spirit” Bible study by Learning to Speak Life.

It’s a 9 week Bible study geared towards families with children who range from ages 3-12. Our son is 4 and we’ve made it through the first week and I’ve found that he has really enjoyed and gleaned a lot from these lessons. They are engaging and fun! For instance, one of the family activities for “Love” was for each family member to depict what love looks like through a drawing, painting, song, poem, or short story. Our son decided he wanted to draw a picture and my husband opted to do that as well, but nominated me to sing a song about love. He’s very witty – you can see what he drew here:

Yes, that’s correct – he actually wrote out the word “LOVE,” which wasn’t such a bad thing as we had Shaan (our son) read the word to us (we have been practicing spelling and reading the word this week) and he got it correct! Shaan’s picture is of someone hugging another person to depict love. My husband thought he was being cute by nominating me to sing a song about love, but it was actually pretty easy – I came up with a pretty decent rendition of the “Barney” song:

“I love you, you love me. We’re a happy family – with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you – won’t you say you love me too?” :)

Needless to say, my husband and I were both laughing at the end of some of these devotionals as they forced us to be creative and interactive. There are skits, stories, copywork, memory verses – all sorts of things to make these lessons “stick.” I highly recommend this Bible study. If you start the Bible study now, you can use it all the way through the harvest season (September – November) as it is a recommend 9 week study. Perfect timing!

2. “Fruit of the Spirit” Scripture cards by Shepherd My Child.

Yes, that’s right – it’s a shameless plug for our Scripture cards, but I really have found them to be so helpful in use with our son! I started using these last fall, and we are focusing on them again this harvest season as well. I try to do them once a day, and it really is amazing how quickly children can hide memory verses in their hearts, particularly when they have visuals to aid them (i.e. each “fruit of the spirit” is paired with a physical fruit in the cards to help children stick them to memory). By the way, if you are interested in purchasing these (or any of our Scripture cards), if you order by September 15 using promotion code “ITSABOY” you will save 15% off your entire order! Simply click on the following link to access our Etsy store and enter the coupon code at checkout: Shepherd My Child Etsy Store 

3. Props for use with the “Fruit of the Spirit” Scripture cards by Shepherd My Child.

Last year, I used several cheap props along with our cards. I purchased a $4 cornucopia at Michael’s and laminated some construction paper fruit I made that corresponded with the fruit on the cards. Lastly, I purchased some Bugles and Runts as “treats” to go along with the Scripture memorization (Bugles represented cornucopias and Runts represented the fruit). Here are some pictures of the finished products from last year (we’ll be using this again this year as well – it was a hit!). You can find my blog post from last year about these props at the following link: Shepherd My Child “Horn of Plenty” blogpost


Happy Harvest Season to you all! I hope you are able to weave in Biblical truths to the physical evidence of the harvest season as you are shepherding your little ones this fall!

“…the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few…” – Matthew 9:37


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