Songs for Saplings – Questions with Answers CDs

Recently, at the recommendation of our pastor’s wife, I purchased a CD by Songs for Saplings. According to my pastor’s wife, the Songs for Saplings “Questions with Answers” CDs are basically the catechisms set to music. We’ve had the CD for a little over a week now, and I am so, so impressed with it! I purchased the “Questions with Answers, Volume 1: God and Creation” CD and have to say that I think it is my new favorite CD to listen to with my son. Previously, I would point to our Seeds Family Worship CDs or the “Hide Em in Your Heart” two-CD set by Steve Green (because all of these CDs set Scripture verses to music), but what sets the Songs for Saplings CD apart from these is that it is so incredibly theologically rich! These CDs don’t just put Scripture verses to tunes, but they both ask and answer the tough theological questions (and the answers to the questions are indeed Scripture verses). It’s genius the way the creator of these CDs has designed them. A few days ago, my 4 year old son and I had a 2.5 hour drive and I popped in the CD. We probably had a good hour of VERY rich theological discussion because of questions he had from the CD. For instance, “What does it mean that God doesn’t have a beginning?” “Why can’t we see God – is he invisible?” “Why is our God the only true God?”

I mean, very well thought out questions for a four year old (and boy was I drained after trying to adequately answer them in four year old terms!) I LOVED that from this CD flowed very natural theological points that I can work on helping my son understand at even the youngest age.

In short, HIGHLY recommend – I will be purchasing them all!!!


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