Thank You God for Dying Easter Eggs with Me…

I have been trying to teach my son the importance of being grateful to God and thanking Him for our blessings daily. Each evening we have prayer time where we talk about what we did that day and thank God for it (thank you God for our day at the park, for meeting our friends, for the hot dog we had for lunch, etc). Additionally, all throughout the day (when I think about it – which is not nearly as often as it should be!) we thank God for the little blessings we have been given as they occur (i.e. the nice weather, a trip to the zoo, a visit to the grandparents, and so on). Honestly, it’s just as much for me (to remind me to be grateful!) as it is for him, but I was pleasantly surprised when, during the process of dying and decorating Easter eggs, my son broke out into prayer (of his own accord!) to thank God for the special treat. What a blessing (not only that he did it, but that I also happened to have the camera rolling!) Something to be grateful for! :) Thank you God for the magical moment and for the memory that can be relived! More importantly, thank you God that he is learning to be grateful for all that you have given us!

May all of you seek to talk to your children about the little blessings from God that you find each day – these children absorb everything we are teaching them; it’s amazing!

Hope you enjoy the video of my little man – see the “Thank You God” link below –

Thank You God

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