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The other day I was flipping through my monthly copy of Atlanta Parent magazine and was thinking how I wished there was something similar out there for Christian parents. Atlanta Parent magazine provides information on upcoming events in the area, but also has seasonal activities/crafts you can do with your children. Also, Atlanta Parent is a FREE publication.

Enter my friend Ashley McMakin to the rescue – she recently passed along an email to me about HomeFront. HomeFront magazine is a FREE monthly digital publication for Christian parents. I’ve downloaded the current issue and was so pleased to find a whole range of helpful seasonal things – ┬ástories, crafts, activities, songs, recipes, memory verses, information on global missions, etc. This magazine is EXACTLY what I was looking for! If you go to their website, you can sign up to be emailed a free copy of the magazine each month – I highly recommend that you do so:

HomeFront website

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