Learning about Israel’s Thanksgiving Feast

Next week, my son has the entire week off of preschool, so we will have more time at home. I was looking around tonight for some Thanksgiving devotionals we can do together next week, and I ran across this lesson that I love!

Just this past year, God has placed a personal desire in my heart to learn more about the Feasts from the Old Testament. Earlier this fall, I published a post on Yom Kippur for the Christian family. Another Jewish festival celebrated in the fall is the Feast of Tabernacles (or Israel’s “Thanksgiving” feast).

The following post from Ministry-to-children does an excellent job of tying in the American Thanksgiving story to the “Thanksgiving” celebration from the Bible. While geared towards children ages 9-11, you could easily shorten/adapt the lesson as necessary to fit your little ones.

Here is the link to the lesson:

How Israel Celebrated Thanksgiving: Feast of Tabernacles

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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