Magnificat: “My Soul Magnifies” (Family Devotions and Bible Studies for 2016)

Hi, friends! It’s been a long time! I wanted to make you aware of something that has been on my heart for the upcoming year. I’ve been wanting to draft daily family devotions and Bible studies for quite some time, but found myself lacking a “theme” to tie the stories together and make them relevant for the younger audience (i.e. my kids, particularly my oldest son, who is at the age where he needs more “meat” in our daily Bible readings). While visiting a dear friend’s church this Advent season to hear her sing a solo in their church’s production of The Magnificant, I felt like God was leading me towards the Magnificat (“My Soul Magnifies”) theme. I’ve only just begun writing for 2016, but my goal would be to create daily devotions and Bible studies this upcoming year that center around The Magnificant (“My Soul Magnifies”) and introduce more theology to the readings than many children’s Bible story readings currently offer. These four pages (Jan 1 – Jan 4 readings) are┬ámy first draft – see what you think and feel free to use with your family if you are interested (click on link below). God Bless you all and Happy New Year!

Magnificat pdf

~ Cammie

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