Craft Idea

This past weekend, Shaan and I travelled to our hometown to visit with my sister and my nephew, who was born on Sunday. While there, my mother-in-law was showing me some of my husband’s old artwork and crafts from his childhood. She had recently come across the artwork while cleaning out/remodeling one of the rooms in her house.

Some of the pieces were really great, and I brought them back with me to possibly frame and hang in Shaan’s room. My favorite piece of artwork was a cross (complete with Jesus hanging on it) that my husband had made of clothespins during his days at St. James Catholic School. It’s really beautiful, and would be such a great craft idea to do with your little ones! It’s simply constructed of clothespins that have been taken apart – and then glued back together to look like the below:

I plan on hanging this in Shaan’s room – what a wonderful keepsake!



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