Father’s Day Gift Idea

I was just realizing today that Father’s Day is going to be upon us in just a few short weeks, and for those of you looking for a gift idea, here’s a suggestion. A few years ago, I bought the following book to include with my Father’s Day gift for my husband:

It’s wonderful, and does an excellent job of expressing the love between fathers and their children while also incorporating Christian themes – “We go to our church that’s just down the way. We sing a few hymns and quietly pray…”

My son really enjoys snuggling up to my husband and reading this book. I’m looking for something similar (i.e. another book) I can include with our Father’s Day gift this year – if you have any suggestions, shoot me an email at “cammiesancheti@gmail.com.”

Thanks so much! Hope you all had a lovely June weekend!

We are loving this summer weather – Thank God for the seasons He created!

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