Progress Update on First Video

I am so excited! Today was an awesome day. I wrapped up the draft scripts for the first video from Shepherd My Child this week, and had an hour and a half phone conversation earlier today with the creator of Monkisee, Krista Guerrero, who provided invaluable insight and direction as far as the “next steps” for shooting, editing, and producing this video. I feel like I have a very do-able, work-able plan to pull this video together, and I am so thrilled to be able to get my feet wet and start working on this project.

The videos were my initial vision for Shepherd My Child – it’s so encouraging and humbling to see how God has worked out so much in so little time for this endeavor. In March, I bounced this whole “idea in my head” off of Krista for the first time, by April “Shepherd My Child” had a website, and now, at the beginning of June, there is a completed script for the first video and we are ready to start shooting when we return from our travels (starting next week we are going to be out of town for several weeks) later this summer. ┬áIt’s all God. To Him be the glory! Of course, there are some special “mere mortal” thank-you’s to be passed out along the way – :)

Thank you, T. Scott Carlisle, for this website and for always answering my endless list of “tech” questions…I know you’re super-busy, but you still oblige me and this vision of mine because you are such a wonderful friend and wonderful person….

Thank you, Ashley McMakin, for being the first friend I felt comfortable opening up to about this vision. I don’t think I would have ever been so open with you if I hadn’t first read your “So what exactly is “normal”?” blog post back in February. I felt like the dialogue that came out of our discussions, starting with that blog post (in which you were to beautifully honest and vulnerable), helped me recognize that this was the direction in which God was calling me right now. Your encouragement on my first “draft” idea really helped push me to take the necessary next steps and reach out to Krista Guerrero…

Thank you, Krista Guerrero, for your encouragement, advice, and Christian mentorship. After our phone conversation today, I was mulling over how you are such a Titus 2 woman – that you “teach what is good,” “train younger women to love their children,” are “busy at home” and “kind.” Though I have never met you and only had two phone conversations with you (although multiple email conversations – :)), in a strange way, I feel like I’ve known you forever and that you’ve been one of my biggest “cheerleaders” throughout this whole process. It is obvious that you are a woman who fears the Lord and is led by the Spirit…from every interaction I’ve ever had with you, I can see your servant heart and Christlike attitude…it’s so beautiful, inspiring, and compelling. When someone really “exudes” Christ, they are so incredibly appealing – you are that type of woman – what a testament to you and your Savior!

Thank you, Manu, for always being there and being supportive (in your own unique way). To quote what you said earlier this week, “I’m really impressed – I just thought you’d get a website up and fizzle out. You’ve made it a lot farther than I ever thought you would. It’s a good idea, and the script is good, too.” To most, this may not seem very encouraging. To me, as your wife, I know that this is high praise – ha!

To the many others who have offered small encouragements along the way – such as my mom, my sister, my college girlfriends, and many Facebook friends – thank you, thank you for your kind words and prayers. I appreciate them, and would still appreciate the prayers. I want to take this project where God wants it to go and where He can receive the most glory –

So, that’s it for now. Just wanted to provide a little update for those of you who have been asking and are curious. We are making progress on the “products,” although realistically it may take some time. I think Krista said that her first Monkisee video took about a year and a half from inception to completion…so, it may take a while, but I’m hopeful and prayerful that we will see this through to completion sooner rather than later.

Thank you again “Shepherd My Child” fans! God bless you all!

~ Cammie


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