Childish versus Sinful (and Happy 3rd Birthday to my Little Man!)

Hi everyone!

I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve blogged – just arrived back in Atlanta tonight after a hectic couple of weeks – Alabama, Seattle, New York, then back to Alabama in a few more days to celebrate Shaan’s 3rd birthday with the grandparents and cousins (p.s. – his actual birthday is today – Happy Birthday little guy!!!!)

So, while on vacation I finished two really good books that I wanted to blog about in the short term, but for tonight, since it’s late and I still have loads of unpacking to do, I just wanted to refer you to another blog post that I reviewed tonight (regarding “childlike” versus “sinful” behavior). It’s short and sweet and a great reminder for me to keep my child-like lenses on when trying to shepherd my 3 year old (did I mention he turned three today – sigh!!!) :)


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