And The Winners Are….

First of all, I want to thank all 34 of the commenters on the “God Made Me” Scripture and Prayers Cards post who expressed interest in a free set of cards for their young one(s). I am so humbled and thankful that others are just as zealous as myself about getting their kids immersed in the Word! Praise God!

This morning, I had my little man help me with the random selection of the two winners. We just returned from a vacation at Disney World, so he decided he wanted to use his “Pirate Mickey Mouse” hat for the drawing:

Click on the link below for the:

Video of Shaan Randomly Selecting the Winners

Congratulations Jill and Stephanie! I’ll send you each an email for details on your free set! Check your inbox!

As for everyone else, if you did not win a set this time around, but are still interested in the cards, I’ve got some good news! This morning I was able to post the cards onto Etsy. You can order a set from the following link at my Etsy store:

They’re $19.99 a set. Unfortunately, by the time I factored in all the expenses (color ink, paper, cards, lamination, ring binder, ribbon, sales tax, Etsy fee, credit card company fee, etc.) I realized I had to charge more than I was hoping (I was initially shooting for around $15). Even at $19.99 a set, there is very little profit margin considering the work put into these sets, but hopefully I’ll figure out how to streamline the process as I start producing them. Obviously, I am biased, but I think the cards are well worth the money as they are sturdy and laminated, and can be used with your child(ren) for years, from the baby/infant stage of learning body parts all the way up to school age children looking to memorize Scripture.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the “giveaway” and please check out my Etsy store at the link above if you are interested in purchasing a set!!!

God Bless!


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