The Pumpkin Patch Parable

I love fall. It’s probably my favorite time of the year. Last fall, my mother gave Shaan and I a wonderful book that takes one of the prominent symbols of fall – the pumpkin – and uses it to show how God’s transforming love can fill each of our hearts with joy and light.

The book, “The Pumpkin Patch Parable,” illustrates how a loving farmer turns a simple pumpkin into a simply glorious sight. He takes great care in choosing the pumpkin, cleaning out all of its slime and pulp. As stated in the book, “The farmer had a special plan for his chosen pumpkin, so the seeds and slime would have to go.”

“The farmer pulled out all the slimy pulp, and wrapped it up in an old newspaper. Off to the compost pile it went, never to be seen again. Then, something REALLY exciting happened; the pumpkin got a new face!”

What’s really special about this book is that underneath each page, the author has included relevant Scripture correlating to the respective page. For instance, on the page discussing how the farmer pulls out all the slimy pulp, the following verse is included, “He has taken our sins away from us as far as the east is from the west.” – Psalm 103:12

Another example is 2 Corinthians 3:18 – “We all show the Lord’s glory, and we are being changed to be like him” which is at the bottom of the page that tells how the pumpkin got a new face.

It’s a precious book – I highly recommend it. You can click on the picture of the book below if you are interested in purchasing it:

It’s a great book to use if you have the opportunity to take your little ones to a Pumpkin Patch. I was able to take Shaan to his first Pumpkin Patch in north Georgia this fall, and the owners of the Pumpkin Patch (Burt’s Farm) actually included the Pumpkin Patch Parable story in their hayride this year. They had two “talking” pumpkins that summarized the story! The hayride is what actually reminded me of this wonderful book that I need to share with all of you. Here’s a few pictures of Shaan at the Pumpkin Patch:

Watching one of the “talking pumpkins” share the Pumpkin Patch Parable story

Look at all these glorious pumpkins God made!

A great song to sing this time of year (that goes hand-in-hand with the Pumpkin Patch Parable) is the following:

Jack-O-Lantern, Jack-O-Lantern,

You are such a funny sight.

As you sit there in the window

Looking out at the night.

You were once a yellow pumpkin

Hanging on a sturdy vine.

Now you are a jack-o-lantern,

Let your candlelight shine!

If you’ve never heard the song before and need to know the tune, I found this video of a little boy singing it on YouTube

To wrap this up, I’m going to end this post with a pic of some pumpkins hanging on sturdy vines at the Pumpkin Patch:

Happy Fall, Ya’ll! :)




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