Johnny Pumpkinseed?

In my last post, I mentioned that Shaan and I recently visited our first pumpkin patch together. Here’s a picture from the Pumpkin Patch that I did not include in the previous post:

By chance, do you remember the “Johnny Appleseed” song from our childhood (there was even a Johnny Appleseed character from Disney who sang part of the song?) I had completely forgotten about it until a friend mentioned the other day that her daughter had learned the “Johnny Appleseed” song at preschool (i.e. the children sang the song before snack time to thank God for their food). When she mentioned the song, I looked up the lyrics so I could remember it and teach it to Shaan. We’ve been singing the song the last few weeks to remind us to be thankful, and then, lo and behold, at the Pumpkin Patch they had a “Johnny Pumpkinseed” sign (see above)! So, Shaan and I modified the song and have been singing it as so the last few days (he thinks the modification is hilarious, by the way):

“Oh, the Lord’s been good to me

And so I thank the Lord

For giving me the things I need

The sun, the rain, and the pumpkinseed

The Lord’s been good to me…”

The original song has a catchy tune and wonderful lyrics to teach our children to be thankful (“The Lord’s been good to me…”). You can find the lyrics and even play the song through the link below:

Johnny Appleseed Song


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