THANK YOU and “Fruit of the Spirit” Scripture Card Winners!

First of all, let me say a big THANK YOU to all the “Shepherd My Child” fans who participated in this giveaway! I know I requested a lot more work of you than I did for the first giveaway (i.e. refer your friends to BOTH the Facebook page and the website and have THEM comment in order to enter you for a chance to win the cards). Everyone is so very busy and I know it’s a lot to ask to help me promote “Shepherd My Child” as I’m running the contest. I truly appreciate it so much, though, and feel that this contest was a great success!!!

Since the contest started, we’ve welcomed 22 new Facebook “fans,” which brings our grand total to 248 fans. I am so humbled by how quickly God is moving things along! I remember setting a first “goal” of 250 fans when I started the Facebook page back in mid-August. At the time I think the page had less than 50 fans or so, and I remember how daunting it seemed to gather 200+ fans. Fastforward to mid-October (just barely over 2 months later) and the page is just two fans shy of that first goal. When I take a step back and think about it, it’s amazing! What started as a “leap of faith” just a few months ago is snowballing so fast that I sometimes feel I can barely keep up. And I LOVE it!

It is only because of Him and for His glory! God has put the right people at the right place for me when I needed help in order to move forward and I continue to thank Him for that! I also thank Him for each of you that He has led here – I learn so much from all of you and I am encouraged so much by your comments, “likes”, emails, phone calls, texts, etc. KEEP THEM COMING! :)

One more big thank you especially for the commenters on the last blog post. I really appreciate your involvement, and now it’s time for the “big reveal” of the winner. I’ll let my little man do the honors (click on the link below):

“Fruit of Spirit” Cards Winner Announcement

Congratulations Carrie Graham (one of our newest “fans”!) for winning a free set, and congratulations to Lauren Grigsby Weathers for referring Carrie to “Shepherd My Child.” You’ll both be receiving a free set of our newest product, “Fruit of the Spirit” Scripture Cards! I’ll be contacting you both for the details.

Thanks again to everyone who participated, and check out our Etsy shop later this week as I intend to have it updated to include these new Scripture cards by end of day Friday, at the latest (just in time for you to order and receive for use during the Thanksgiving season!)


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