The Pumpkin Gospel

A friend of mine just recently referred a book to me called “The Pumpkin Gospel” by Mary Manz Simon. I don’t currently have the book, but I did look it up on Amazon and it’s a wonderful way to tie the gospel into the carving of a pumpkin (if you are like me and have yet to carve a pumpkin this year, then there’s still time to incorporate the gospel into this activity!) :)

Here are a few excerpts from the book:

“My big round pumpkin shows me

God gives us a clean heart.

He will forgive our mess-ups

He offers a new start.

The slime that fills the pumpkin

All stringy slipp’ry goo,

Reminds me of my insides

Before God makes me new.”

Here’s the link where you can purchase the book on Amazon:

Additionally, I found this wonderful prayer that also brings the gospel into the creation of a jack-o-lantern:

Have fun carving and sharing the gospel as you carve! Hope all of you have a wonderful Halloween with your little ones!



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