“God Made Me” Cards – Testimonial from Rhonda Ross Kendrick

A few weeks ago, I received an exciting testimonial from Rhonda Ross Kendrick (the daughter of legendary superstar Diana Ross and business mogul Berry Gordy) regarding the “God Made Me” cards. She ordered a set for her son, Raif-Henok (3 years old). I asked her if I could share her testimonial on my website and she very sweetly said I could include the testimonial wherever I wanted. :)

What a lovely lady – she’s a celebrity in her own right and didn’t even let me know who she was until I figured it out on my own and asked her! She’s so humble and I am so humbled that she purchased a set of the “God Made Me” cards and sent in such a glowing review!

Included in her testimonial, she sent me an article that the Huffington Post recently featured about her and her son. I received her permission to include the link to the article below, and I encourage you to check it out. She has certainly chosen to teach Raif all she can at such an early age, and her article just goes to show how capable young children can be at grasping things so early in life! Her son is a rock star – and clearly she has worked very, very hard to teach him all that he knows!

The article about Rhonda and her son reinforces my belief that children can grasp a lot more than we give them credit for (including spiritual things). That’s why I felt such a need to develop these Scripture and Prayer cards as I feel certain children can more easily memorize these verses than we adults can, in many instances! My son is constantly “correcting” me when I misquote these verses! Our young children are sponges, for sure!

Here is Rhonda’s testimonial:

“We received them!! And we love them!!!! Thank you so much for making and sending them! They are gorgeous and such a beautiful way to share the Word with a child.  I will definitely spread the word and plan to order more as Christmas gifts!!! Thought you might get a kick out of seeing Raif in action! Here’s a story that was recently published in the Huffington Post: “Rhonda’s Story” Article. Make sure to click on the red “Rhonda’s Story” at the bottom of the teaser article. Thanks again! You are doing great work!”

If you are also interested in ordering a set of the “God Made Me” cards Rhonda referenced above, you can find them at the SMC Etsy store. Thanks, and Happy Sunday!
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