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This past week, I was trying to get a little ahead on my holiday shopping, and was pondering what to give Shaan’s preschool teacher for Christmas. Earlier this year, the school held a booksale and I remembered how Ms. Heather had a list of books she wanted for the class library. She provided us with the list if any of us wanted to purchase books from the sale and donate to her class. I started thinking that it’s been several months since the sale, and Ms. Heather might prefer some new books for her class library to use with the children next semester. That’s when it hit me – the perfect gift idea…(drumroll please)…

I have a friend, Kelly Akers, who is in the process of adopting a girl from China (seven years ago, she and her husband adopted two boys from the Ukraine and now they are preparing to bring home their baby girl). She is selling Usborne books and using the proceeds from the sale to fund the adoption. Usborne books are wonderful – we have many that we use with Shaan. I decided to send Ms. Heather the link to Kelly’s online Usborne E-pary (which runs through midnight November 29) and have her pick which books she would like to use with the children. Ms. Heather LOVED the idea and even sent an email around to the other parents in case they were also interested in purchasing books as well.

What I particularly love about the gift idea is as follows:

1. It’s a worthwhile gift for Ms. Heather that she can actually use (let’s face it…we all know that teachers probably get a lot of “clutter” gifts for Christmas – candy, lotions, etc…) This gift allows Ms. Heather to pick out exactly which books she likes and would use with her classroom.

2. It benefits the children as well – all of the children in the classroom will get to listen to the stories or use the products Ms. Heather has selected.

3. It supports the adoption of a child who needs a good family!

What more could you want – it’s a three-way gift! In purchasing the gift, I also have an opportunity to talk with Shaan about why I chose this present for Ms. Heather and how it allows us to give back to another family this Christmas as well.

So, the reason for this blog post? Some of you may be struggling to think of Christmas ideas for your children’s teachers….why not join me in the cause of supporting an adoption while also giving a teacher resources for her classroom/giving children the gift of reading?

Please circulate the link below to the teachers you know to see if they would like some new books as their Christmas present this year. Make sure to order by midnight November 29!


Happy Thanksgiving week!!!

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