“The Christmas Angel” Review

A few weeks ago, I purchased a product called “The Christmas Angel.” Basically, it’s a Christian alternative to “Elf on the Shelf” in that the package contains an angel doll and the idea is that each day the angel is supposed to bring you and your children a message (similar to how the angel brought Mary and Joseph a message long ago). Just as parents can choose the antics the “elf” plays/places it hides, parents can also choose which messages the angel will deliver to your little ones this Christmas season. The book that accompanies the package goes through the nativity story (including the angel delivering the message to Mary, angels appearing to the shepherds, etc.) Then, the book takes a turn and the “angel” states that she is coming to you with a Christmas prayer – “Let’s spread this joyous news to people everywhere. God’s precious gift is Jesus the greatest gift received. His love and grace are free to all those who believe.” Through the book the angel states that we should open up our hearts and choose to give to others, and the book concludes with this page:

“The true meaning of Christmas is the birth of our sweet Lord. He’s the reason for this season to be praised and adored.

May every Christmas remind you to have faith and believe! And remember the greater blessing is to give than to receive.”

Each package comes with gold glitter, which is supposed to accompany the “message” from the angel each day. Shaan and I opened the package today, and decided to read the book and start using the angel right away. When I explained to him that the angel was going to deliver a message each day, my realist 3 year old stated, “But this angel is a toy. It can’t turn into a real angel.” :)

At that moment, I decided to nix the idea of a “real angel” delivering the message and instead use the Christmas Angel as a reminder for Shaan and I to focus on giving this holiday season. So, instead we discussed how, yes, this angel was a toy, but the message of the book is real and that Jesus is real and that we need to remember that God gave us the gift of Jesus and since we have been given the greatest gift, we should give to others.

So, we decided to run “The Christmas Angel” a little differently. I had Shaan help me create this envelope with the gold glitter from the package:

Shaan is starting to read words now, so I love how the large gold letters can help him learn to read/spell the word “GIVE” this holiday season and also help us focus on our responsibilities as Christians. Then, on the back of the envelope, I included the Bible verse from Acts 20:35 (“In everything I showed you that by working hard in this manner you must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He Himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than receive.'”):

Each day during the Christmas season, I am going to write a “message” for us to take care of that day and include the message in the envelope. We will read the Bible verse each day and work on memorizing it this holiday season. Today’s “message” from the envelope was as follows (“Wrap books for Ms. Heather & explain to Shaan why Mommy bought these books”):

If you’ll recall from my last post, I offered Shaan’s preschool teacher (Ms. Heather) the opportunity to select some books for her classroom library as her Christmas present this year. I ordered the books from Usborne as the proceeds from the sale are being used to fund an adoption for a friend. If you are also interested in purchasing some books to support this great cause, you can order through this link (https://r2280.myubam.com) by midnight November 29! Here are the books Ms. Heather selected (she is going to use them when she covers her lesson plans on the “classics”/fairy tales later this year):

I explained to Shaan why we purchased these books for Ms. Heather. By giving Ms. Heather these books, I am “giving” to her, “giving” to the children in his class, and also “giving” to the family who is trying to adopt a child. It was a really meaningful conversation that provided me the opportunity to explain what adoption is, while also focusing on how we can give to the less fortunate this holiday season. After we talked about the books, Shaan and I wrapped the presents. Here’s a pic of these first gifts under our Christmas tree (along with “The Christmas Angel” doll in his lap):

So, in summary, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE “The Christmas Angel!!!!” I purchased it at the recommendation of a friend whose Sunday School teacher created the product. While it looked like a great, purposeful gift, I had no idea just how wonderful it would be! The angel doll is a lot bigger than I was expecting (as you can see in the pic above – Shaan will probably sleep with this angel during the holiday season). The gold glitter was fun to use as a craft with Shaan to create our “GIVE” envelope. I love how creative and purposeful the “messages” allow us to be this holiday season. Our ¬†messages will be anything from “Make Christmas cards for family members,” “Take presents to Ms. Heather today,” “Drop change in a Salvation Army bucket,” “Bake cookies for neighbors,” etc…it can really be anything we do to “give” to others this holiday season. Lastly, I love the content included in the book and how I can tie in the content from the book to our memory verse we are going to memorize this Advent season. If you haven’t yet purchased The Christmas Angel, I highly recommend it! If you order now, you’ll receive it in time to use throughout the whole month of December.

Check it out: The Christmas Angel 


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  1. Stephanie Pryor says:

    Love it Cammie – So glad that you shared this message and referral!! Also, you can register at http://www.yourchristmasangel.com for their 25 days of Christmas and they will email you ideas daily through Christmas (just in case you need help)!

    They are also doing a gift card give-away ($100 to Toys R Us) from their FB page for those of you with a Pinterest Account!

  2. Lauren says:

    Our kids are so similar! We can’t do it where the angel or elf does anything either so we are focusing on giving And doing something each day as well. The angel, book and glitter are just for fun. Going to add the verse you put on your envelope.
    Going to start our advent calendar tomorrow. The little people nativity one is cute where you add a different person or animal to it each day. Lifeway has these.
    Also hallmark has a neat happy birthday Jesus countdown ornament this year.

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