Advent Lessons for Children

A few years ago, my grandmother (who has now passed away) left Shaan a nativity set (actually my mom used the money she left for Shaan to purchase him this nativity set):

It’s great – Shaan loves playing with it this time of year! I found these wonderful Advent Lessons for children online that can be used in conjunction with out nativity set that I thought I would share (even if you don’t have a nativity set to use, the link below offers nativity coloring pages and the lessons are still really useful):

Advent Lessons: Teaching Through the Nativity

Additionally, as a family this year, we have been reading through this wonderful Advent E-book “Good News of Great Joy” that I found on the Desiring God website (by John Piper and others). It is an AMAZING little E-book and absolutely appropriate for an entire family to read together. The readings are short enough to keep my 3 year old’s attention span. I highly recommend it:

Good News of Great Joy

Hope all of you are having a great Advent season!

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