DIY Advent Calendar with Easy Devotions


I know, I know – “timely” these are not (since the Advent season is nearly half over!) However, I just found out about these the other day from a friend, and I think they are WONDERFUL and deserve to be shared for use for the rest of the Advent season (and honestly, you could even use these “devotions” after Advent is over – they are really great!) A friend of mine has created Advent Calendar devotions that are FREE on her blog. I am going to print these out and store with our Christmas decorations for use year after year. Here is the link to her blog post with the FREE Advent devotions:

MiracleMama Blog

(P.s. – Another one of my friends used her free Advent cards to create the Advent Calendar I posted a picture of above – isn’t it beautiful and festive?!?! She said her boys really looked forward to the devotion each morning – her sons are 3 and 1, FYI)

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