Our church recently released a CD titled “Humneo” (New Testament Greek word for “Hymns”). Since we haven’t been at church in the last few weeks due to holiday travelling, etc., I purchased the CD today. I’ve been listening to it the last hour or so, and I’m in love!

The CD is a compilation of twelve hymns that you may not have heard, or at least may not have heard in the way that they have been restyled on this CD. It’s a refreshing, excellent arrangement of worship songs and well worth the $9.99 spent on this music. I am a huge fan of upbeat interpretations of hymns so I particularly enjoy “Jesus Thy Blood and Righteousness,” “Jesus Shall Reign,” “Power in the Blood,” “Love Me to the End,” (probably my favorite song on the CD) “Jesus Master Whose I Am,” and “We are Called.” “He Giveth More Grace” is beautiful as well – I love the message of that hymn!

If you’re interested in learning more about “Humneo,” ¬†you can find it on iTunes at the following link:

Humneo on iTunes

Happy Listening!!!

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