Two Year Old Reciting Scripture

I was so thrilled when a friend of mine (and “Shepherd My Child” customer) sent me this video of her adorable son a few days ago! He’s such a cutie and so smart! This two-year old fellow received the “Fruit of the Spirit” Scripture card set for Christmas and he’s already memorized one of the verses! Impressive!!! Click on the link below to see precious Ashton in action:

Ashton Reciting Scripture

This just goes to show how quickly young children are able to memorize and grasp concepts from the Bible! If you are interested in purchasing either the “God Made Me” Scripture/Prayer card set or the “Fruit of the Spirit” Scripture card set, please browse our Etsy store.

I’m currently working on the latest set (“God Shaped Our World”) which should be completed early this year and uploaded to the store as well.

Bravo, Ashton (and Ashton’s mommy, Stephanie!), for all your hard work! Isn’t learning God’s word with your child so much fun?!?!


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