Baby Shower/New Baby Gift Idea

We have some good friends who just welcomed a new baby boy into their family. I was finishing up their “baby gift” this morning and thought I’d pass along the idea to any of you who may be looking for unique and meaningful baby shower/new baby gift ideas. I found this adorable board book at Toys R Us the other day:

I wrapped the book and included a set of the “God Made Me” Prayer and Scripture cards on top of the book and “Viola!” – here’s the final product:

It turned out pretty cute, and I love that both presents can help give this child his first introduction to God and our Savior, Jesus. Also, both the book and the cards can be used for years to come (the book is made of sturdy board-book material and the cards are laminated).

If you are interested in doing something similar for an upcoming baby shower or new baby gift, you can find these Scripture and Prayer cards on the Shepherd My Child Etsy Store through the link below:

SMC Etsy Store

Thanks for looking!!!

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