Valentine’s Day Books

Since today is the last day of January and Valentine’s Day will be upon us in just a few weeks, I wanted to share some good books I have used to shepherd my child during this holiday season:

This story tells how a little child has created “valentines” and is giving hearts to special people in his life – mommy, daddy, baby, “Grammy,” and then saves the last heart (his) for Jesus (from the book, “and every time I feel it beat I know He’s loving me.”) It’s precious!

While this book does not specifically mention “valentines,” it is shaped like a heart and points out various things in nature/life that God has given us to show us He loves us.

I just purchased this book a few weeks ago, and love how it provides some history around the origins of Valentine’s Day. I reviewed it in a previous blog post that you can read hereĀ 

Happy last day of January! This year is flying by! :)


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