“God Shaped Our World” Scripture and Prayer Cards now on Etsy!!!

Just in time for Easter, I’ve uploaded the “God Shaped Our World” Scripture and Prayer cards on Etsy. They are now available for purchase:

This set helps young children learn 19 different shapes, while also hiding God’s word in their hearts and teaching them how to talk to God at the earliest age. Here are the 19 shapes and items from the Bible covered in the set:

Crescent – Moon

Star – Stars

Oval – Grapes

Squiggle – Snake

Almond – Seed

Dome – Rainbow

Triangle – Tree

Circle – Sun

Rhombus – Diamond

Semi-circle – Ark

Square – Window

Rectangle – Door

Pentagon – House

Cross – Cross

Heart – Leaf

Spiral – Vine

Hexagon – Honeycomb

Octagon – Sign

Trapezoid – Lamp Shade

I do hope you’ll check out the Shepherd My Child Etsy store and see if you’d be interested in any of the Scripture and Prayer cards for your child’s Easter basket. Click on the link below to browse the items available on Etsy:

Shepherd My Child Etsy Store

Happy Shopping!!!

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