Grapevine Studies – “The Resurrection” Traceable

I am so excited about a new product I have been using with Shaan this past week to prepare his young heart and mind for Easter – “The Resurrection” traceable by Grapevine Studies.

Shaan is 3 years old, and this product is PERFECT for him! He isn’t into “coloring” that much, but he does really enjoy tracing, so this product is an easy, fun way to get him into the Word and help it “stick” with him (yes, cheesy pun since the whole principle of Grapevine Studies is to “stick-figure” through the Bible, but let me tell you this product really does work!)

Below are a couple of videos of Shaan using the Traceable:

Shaan tracing Jesus and the Angel scene

Shaan tracing Jesus and Judas scene

We added our own little “twist” to the memory verse – I wrote the memory verse on a piece of paper, sketched out the scene, and let Shaan trace that as well. Our refrigerator is not magnetic, so I bought this great magnetic board from IKEA for $12 and we are including our memory verses on the board along with our “Word of the Day” (flashcard courtesy of Monkisee) and “Math Problem for the Day”:


Shaan and I just worked on Matthew 26:36 last night with the “Gethsemane” lesson, and this morning when we reviewed it at breakfast, I was so pleased to see that the key parts of the verse actually “stuck” with him. Here is a video of us reviewing the verse, where you can see what he remembers about our lesson last night:

Shaan reviewing memory verse

You can also tell from the video above that Shaan was dying to get his hands on today’s lesson – I’m telling you – he LOVES this traceable! In short, the traceable is GREAT and perfect for the Easter season. There are 11 lessons in all, so if you order your copy now, you’ll have it in time to do a lesson a day leading up to Easter with your children. A few things I want to highlight about this Grapevine Studies traceable:

1.  You will need both the “traceable” and the teacher book – the teacher book tells the instructor which passages of Scripture to read, what to discuss, and explains what the student will be tracing in his/her book.

2.  Each lesson has a “review” section that covers key points so the instructor can make sure the lesson has “stuck” with the pupil before moving on

3.  Each lesson has a memory verse that summarizes the lesson and can be committed to memory by the teacher and pupil

4.  Nothing else is needed but the books and/or markers/colored pencils – this is EASY!!!

5. In addition to being EASY, the length of these lessons is perfect for little ones – just long enough to be FUN, but not too long that it will be overwhelming for their short attention spans

If I’ve sold you on this product, here’s the website for Grapevine Studies if you’d like to order your own “The Resurrection” traceable or beginner/level study to use with your children (depending on their ages):

I’m going to wrap up this post with a few of the pages Shaan has traced since we started this study so you can get a feel for the type of work your children will be doing (VERY do-able for a young child!):


Oh, and P.S. – I did not receive my copy of this product for free – I ordered and paid for this product on my own and receive no compensation for my thoughts – I just think this product is really too wonderful not to share, and I hope you’ll consider using it when you shepherd your little ones as well!!!

God Bless you and your family this Easter season!

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