My “Birthday” Challenge

Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me, A Month from Today I’ll be 33….

Want to make my birthday extra special this year? I’m offering a pretty easy challenge to each of you to see if you want to help…

The same week as my birthday (April 6) will be the “birthday” of this Shepherd My Child website. I entered my first blog post on April 3rd of last year and I am so thankful how far “Shepherd My Child” has come in a year. We now have 3 products available (see the SMC Etsy store), over 500 likes on Facebook, and a whole slew of exciting things in the works! ¬†God has blessed this venture thus far, and I am so very, very thankful!

I am REALLY just so incredibly super-duper excited about a project slated for this May where I will be featuring expert guest bloggers on this website such as Krista Guerrero (CEO at Intellectual Baby LLC and creator of Monkisee), Dianna Wiebe (creator of Grapevine Studies) and the Doroughs (creators of The Christmas Angel). These parents have a lot of insight, experience, and advice that they are going to offer to Shepherd My Child readers starting in May on ways we can be purposeful in shepherding our children and grandchildren.

So…my challenge to you is…for my birthday present…would you be willing to “share” Shepherd My Child with a friend (or friends) on Facebook and see if we can build the audience over the next month to prepare for this exciting new guest blogger series starting in May? I am so thrilled to be partnering with these amazing entrepreneurs and Christian parents – I think we all have a lot we can learn from them and so I challenge you…can we invite others to follow along too???

If each of you SMC fans/readers shared our Facebook page ( with just 1 other person who “likes” it, we could top 1,000 fans by next month. That’s not too difficult, is it?

Ways you can share the page:

1. Share to everyone that you are “friends” with on Facebook through your timeline – Click on the drop-down arrow next to “liked” on the Shepherd My Child page, click share, and select the option to share to everyone in your timeline.

2. Share to specific people through private message on Facebook – just drop a personal message to whomever you think would really like to follow along and include our Facebook page link ( and ask them to “like” the page if they are interested

What do you think – are willing to step up to the challenge? I mean, it’s all I want for my birthday (insert “pretty please puppy dog face here”). :)

Let’s see what we can do! One month and counting – and mark your calendars to check back for this exciting new series starting in May!!!

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