Crafts & Educational

By clicking on the “MonkiSee” picture above, you’ll be routed to “”, which is a phenomenal site aimed at educating babies and toddlers. The products offered through MonkiSee expose babies to upbeat music, original poetry, lovable puppets, and real world images. Additionally, the products include scores of flashcards that can be used to teach your young one to read. I purchased the MonkiSee products when my son was 10 months old, and by the time he was a year old he was able to point to all of his body parts that he had learned from the “Baby’s First Words” DVD. Now, (at 2) he is able to read from some of the flashcards provided with the set. The creator of MonkiSee, Krista Guerrero, is a lovely Christian woman who has done a wonderful job at providing safe and beneficial educational tools for our young ones. She has been such a source of inspiration to me and has provided many suggestions and pieces of advice to help me get “Shepherd My Child” off the ground. Of all the products I have used to educate my son about colors, shapes, reading, etc, (“Teach My Baby”, “Your Baby Can Read”, etc), this is hands-down the best!!! I really encourage you to check out the website if you have children ranging from 3 months to 3 years. You will not be disappointed!

If you click on the picture above it will direct you to a wonderful site called “I Can Teach My Child.” The link above will send you directly to the ABC Printable Scripture Card page where you can download the cards for your child, but I really encourage you to browse the rest of the site for lesson plans, recipes, and all sorts of other great resources to aid you in teaching and shepherding your young one.

Clicking on “Children’s Ministry” magazine picture will direct you to the Children’s Ministry website “Craft” page aimed at children 3-5 years old. As with the “I Can Teach My Child” website, I truly encourage you to browse the entire “Children’s Ministry” website for all sorts of tools to help guide your child’s education.

The above link will send you to “Bible Story Printables,” which has scores of free printables you can use to teach your children God’s word.

If you click on the “DLTK’s growing together” picture, you will be directed to the DLTK Bible site, which has extensive resources, ranging from Bible coloring book pages to Bible poems and songs to Bible recipes (and of course loads of Bible crafts as well!)

The link above will send you to “Christian Preschool Printables,” which, similar to “Bible Story Printables,” has many free printables to use with your children.