The SMC Shop

I’m so excited to let you know that Shepherd My Child (“SMC”) now has an Etsy shop! Our first two products, the “God Made Me” Scripture and Prayer Cards and “The Fruit of the Spirit” Scripture Cards are available for purchase on Etsy!

Here are a few testimonials from customers who have purchased the products:

“We received them!! And we love them!!!! Thank you so much for making and sending them! They are gorgeous and such a beautiful way to share the Word with a child.  I will definitely spread the word and plan to order more as Christmas gifts!!! Thought you might get a kick out of seeing Raif in action! Here’s a story that was recently published in the Huffington Post: “Rhonda’s Story” Article. Make sure to click on the red “Rhonda’s Story” at the bottom of the teaser article. Thanks again! You are doing great work!” – Rhonda Ross Kendrick (daughter of legendary superstar Diana Ross and business mogul Berry Gordy – New York, New York)

“They are precious! I love them! Thank you so much! I will spread the word about how great they are and be in touch about ordering more.” – Holly Lollar (Birmingham, Alabama)

“Yea, we got them in time for the birthday party! We gave them to Elliot for her 4th birthday. Her mom and dad loved them! Emily’s are on her night stand and she loves reading them at night. They are great and I really appreciate it!” – Meredith Peterson (Charleston, South Carolina)

“Love them! Thank you! My three year old is actually learning Bible verses! These make it fun for her! Thanks for coming up with these…and selling them!” – Allison Cheka (Birmingham, Alabama)

“We just checked the mail tonight and the cards were in the box. I’m really looking forward to using them…in our nightly routine. Thanks again. They are so cute & purposeful.” – Chandler Mikkelson (Orlando, Florida)

Additionally, please check out the review from Krista Guerrero, CEO of Intellectual Baby and creator of the Monkisee products, on her blog:

Teaching Baby to Read Blog

Lastly {if you’re still not sold on these cards :)} – check out this video of Krista’s precious 5 year old reading and reviewing the cards:

Gabriella Reviewing the “God Made Me” Cards

If you are interested in checking out our Etsy shop, simply click on the picture below:
Happy Shopping!