Books & Music

I’ve purchased and used all of the resources below in my journey to shepherd my child, and have found them to be really helpful and worthwhile. I hope you find them useful as well:

This was the first introduction to God that we gave our son. My sister bought it for him before he arrived, and it was the perfect “first” Bible for a baby. Its pages are made of incredible sturdy board material (he never chewed through them!) and the book showcases eleven Bible stories through rhymes. It’s a wonderful way to start to build a foundation for your baby at the earliest age possible.

As a parent, you have probably read or heard about the importance of exposing your baby or infant to both music and reading. The combination of the book and 2 CD’s from “100 Bible Stories, 100 Bible Songs” is genius. The author, Stephen Elkins, has brilliantly tied the songs together with the appropriate Scripture references and stories to make the stories “memorable” to the children through song.

While geared ¬†towards children 4 and up, I’ve had no problem with my 2 year old son comprehending the stories from “The Jesus Storybook Bible.” What is so wonderful about the collection is that it teaches children “how” to read the Bible – that every story within the Bible is telling one big story about our Lord and Savior. It helps children see that the great Rescuer (Jesus) at the center of all the Bible stories is also at the center of their story too.

“Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing” is a great companion to “The Jesus Storybook Bible.” It is by the same author and illustrator, but instead of being a collection of Bible stories, it is a collection of devotions to teach your children how to worship our Lord at the earliest age. These devotions include tidbits from history and science that are incorporated into the devotions. The end of each one page devotion includes an applicable Bible verse.

“Hide Em in Your Heart” (Volumes 1 & 2) by Steve Green is hands down the best “Christian” music purchase I’ve made. The approach to the CDs is threefold: 1) Discuss information from the Bible in a way that even the youngest child can grasp, 2) Include relevant Scripture related to that information, and 3) Set the Scripture to catchy tunes to help the children memorize, or “hide em” in their hearts. Even parents can benefit from these CDs as they also aid us in Scripture memorization.

I purchased the “Seeds of Courage” music CD to help my son transition to preschool (he was experiencing separation anxiety). The “Seeds Family Worship” CD’s are similar in concept to the “Hide Em in Your Heart” CDs as they set Scripture verses to catchy tunes to help children memorize them. This CD is great – the music isn’t so “child” focused (i.e. I love listening to the music even when my son is not in the car with me). Yet, he still enjoys the music as well and I catch him singing the tunes all the time. I’ve been very impressed with this CD and will be purchasing more “Seeds” music in the future. If you click on the “Seeds of Courage” icon above, it will direct you to the “Seeds Family Worship” store where you can see all of the products they have available.

A plethora of songs for your little ones – these songs include not only everyday nursery rhymes (“Eensy Weensy Spider”, “Jack and Jill”, etc.) but Christian songs (“Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho”, “Who Did (Swallow Jonah)”, etc.) as well. I actually love that this collection includes both Christian and non-Christian songs together. One thing I want for my son is for him to realize that God is in everything, and not a “compartmentalized” God that we only think about on church days, when doing Bible studies, etc. This collection ties God into the everyday quite well.

Includes 30 songs that ¬†you probably would have learned in Sunday School if you grew up going to church (“Jesus Loves the Little Children”, “Michael Row the Boat Ashore”, “Jacob’s Ladder”, etc.)

Based on Psalm 139, this beautiful book expresses to our children all of creation is sending them the message that “you are loved.”

A simple board book filled with rhymes to teach young children the importance of thanking God for all the things in the world around them.

Adorable board book that teaches “God made you special and that’s how you know: God loves you just as you are.”

Board book that teaches that God made you, God gave you the parents you have, and that God wants your parents to make sure and teach you about Him and heaven. Precious.

Great first introduction to Jesus for babies/toddlers – begins with His birth and ends with His promise to the disciples before He ascended into Heaven.

Teaches children that the Lord’s creation is better than watching TV. “Come outside, and you will see God’s creation is much better than any old TV!”

Expresses the love between fathers and their children and also incorporates Christian themes – “We go to our church that’s just down the way. We sing a few hymns and quietly pray…” I bought this for one of our Father’s Days – a lovely Father’s Day gift for dads with young ones.

Expresses the love between mothers and their children and also incorporates Christian themes – “And we like to give thanks to God for his love…For the shoes on our feet and for heaven above…” A great Mother’s Day gift!

The book highlights Bible passages that are developmentally appropriate for young children to repeat, learn, and embrace. A great first introduction to Scripture.

This book contains prayer ideas for special days and specific situations (holidays, seasons, etc) as well as everyday prayers. It can help your child begin a lifelong conversation with God at the earliest age possible.

This book contains age appropriate prayers to help introduce your child to the idea of talking to God each evening before bedtime.

“God made dark and God made light. God made day and God made night. Thank you, God, for all that’s bright! Thank you, God. Amen.” Wonderful book to teach children to be thankful for all God has created.

A flap book to encourage babies with their motor skills – the book concludes with a mirror for babies to look at themselves and the verse from Genesis 1:31 – “God looked at everything he had made, and it was very good.”

A collection of sixteen classic hymns, all sung by children. Great first introduction to the Doxology, “Amazing Grace,” etc.

As stated on the back cover of the book, “Daddies are a gift from God! Little Lion’s daddy is the best hero around…from scaring monsters away and fixing things to being his biggest fan and giving big Daddy squeezes! These whimsical rhymes and charming illustrations inspire children to thank God for all the ways their dad shows his love.”